My Neighborhood

Sasmita Nanda; Duncan Arnold; and Dylan Lettice

Life becomes so exciting when you live in a neighborhood that you like.

I have been living in Redmond since 2015, and I like it very much. There are two reasons why. The first is because of its great location. My daughter’s school bus stops in front of my building, my husband’s office is not very far, and it’s very close to the highway. Also, there are lot of stores and good restaurants nearby, so it is a very convenient place to live.

The second reason is because I have a great community there. I have many close friends living in my neighborhood. We organize potlucks, movie outings, and get-togethers to make it a more interesting and fun place to live.

There is one small problem: the traffic is very heavy during morning and evenings. It takes a long time to commute anywhere. I wish there were alternative routes with less traffic. Overall though, I am very happy in my neighborhood and am having a great time there.
By Sasmita Nanda

Drawing of street sign with picture of neighborhood
By Duncan Arnold
Drawing of street aligned with houses
By Dylan Lettice


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