My Role Model

Jennifer Alvarado and Trevor Ellis

A person whom I admire is Marcos. He is my older brother and lives in El Salvador. In 2010 he started to learn English in the Computer Data Systems Institute, and he learned it in only one year. I was very amazed that he learned so fast. Then he applied to work at The Sykes, a company of English dental service call centers. He worked there for three years: from 2011 to 2014. While he was working, he started to study tourism administration at the UES, which means University of El Salvador. In 2013 he graduated and got a job at the Intercontinental Hotel as a manager. His salary is so excellent that he could buy a car, motorcycle and pay for his house. He recently told me that he wants to get a loan to start his own business. This year he is now studying for a master’s degree at the University UTEC. He is my best example of living a successful life!
By Jennifer Alvarado

Drawing of person looking up at 3 hills with buildings at the top of each
By Trevor Ellis


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