My New Home’s Furniture

Rui Wu and Jack Naig

Two years ago, I bought a house in Kirkland. I wanted to make my home more beautiful and warmer, so I planned to buy some furniture. First, I looked through a lot of pictures of home decorating and design, and I decided that I prefer to buy the more traditional types of furniture. Next, I searched the Internet for the addresses of some well-known furniture stores. Then, to find my favorite furniture, I spent a week looking in many different stores, and I compared the price in each of them. After that, I asked my friends to give me some advice about furniture quality. They told me a lot about their experience and some mistakes in buying furniture that they had made. Finally, I bought my favorite furniture, and my husband and my son like it very much.
By Rui Wu

Drawing of furniture in room
By Jack Naig


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