How I Bought a Used Car

Thuy Tran and Jazzmyne Nelson

The thought of buying a car was never in my head because I usually don’t have enough money. I needed to save more money, but my son really needed a car for his work. He wanted me to help him buy a car, and he would have rather bought a used car than a new one.

First, I figured out which website would be good to use for purchasing a car. Then, my husband helped me research different dealership sites and the option of buying a car directly from an individual seller online. After a week of researching and looking for the right car, we found a used, blue Toyota Camry that was a good price for my budget and had low mileage at Toyota of Kirkland. We really liked it. We preferred the blue color over others because it looked nicer. Next, we searched that same car model on other sites to compare prices. After that, we knew we had made a good deal. My husband checked the car’s history by reviewing every single detail that was listed on the site, and then we went to the dealer. We preferred to see the car and negotiate the price with the dealer directly.

Finally, we purchased the blue car and got a good deal on it. We felt very happy and excited to now own that new car since it met all our expectations.
By Thuy Tran

Drawing of person sitting on hood of car
By Jazzmyne Nelson


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