How I Bought a Comfortable Sofa

Mie Ohno and Cicilia Campos

What do you usually do on weekend nights? My family just stays home and does nothing. We had wanted a comfortable sofa to sit on, so we bought one last year. First, we had visited some friends’ houses before we went to a furniture store. We sat on their sofas and asked some questions about them, such as about the sofas’ prices and furniture stores’ names. Next, my husband measured the size of the place to put the sofa with a measuring tape. Then we went to several furniture stores the following weekend. We confirmed the comfort, design and sizes of the sofas at all the stores. We decided we would rather buy an electric reclining sofa than a manual reclining sofa because the electric one can keep a good position better than another one. After that, we negotiated the sofa’s price with the store’s salesperson, and he accepted it. Finally, we bought the sofa. Now, we have a fun time on our new sofa every weekend!
By Mie Ohno

Drawing of sofa
By Cicilia Campos


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