My Healing Place

Misook Eum and Dillon Truax

Kyerong Mountain is where my husband and I visit near my house in Korea. It gives me precious gifts. There is fresh air, many trees, various rocks, wildflowers, narrow parths and benches for resting there. When I walk along its narrow paths, I am so comfortable that my stress goes away. I breathe deeply, drawing in the fresh mountain air. I feel so happy and grateful for nature. When I see wildflowers or smell them, I feel warm and alive. I hear the sound of the birds and water coming down from the mountain. I get a taste of water that is so fresh and cold. There are so many soothing experiences that they heal my eyes and calm my mind. I should recommend my friends to go to the mountains, too.
By Misook Eum

Drawing of living room
By Dillon Truax


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