Life Course of My Friend Denis

Gregoire Monnou and Bogdan Banica

My name is Gregoire, and I’m from the country of Benin in West Africa. I have a friend whose name is Denis. He was born in nearby Cameroon in 1985. He studied in school from 1991 until he earned his bachelor’s degree in agronomy in 2005. He had excellent grades throughout this time. Two years later, he started working at the Ministry of Agriculture.

In 2012, Denis decided to move to the U.S. His first goal here was to become a nurse, so he started taking English classes to prepare for them. After spending some time in the USA, his plans changed a bit and, eventually, he eventually got a bachelor’s degree in management in 2018. Now he has many more opportunities and has decided to start his own business. I admire my friend Denis because he is a lifelong learner.
By Gregoire Monnou

Drawing of man
By Bogdan Banica


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