My Day on Phu Quoc Island

Lien Thai Tran and Manami Kawai

Do you feel good when you go to an island? And when you feel tired and stressed, do you want to go to a place where your senses relax you? For me, the place to go is Phu Quoc Island. When I go there, I feel so happy because the wind is very fresh. I close my eyes and everything is so quiet that I only hear the sounds of waves and birds. The sounds of them is so lovely that they relax my soul.

I see the deep blue sky and water from the beach. I can see a lot of birds flying in the sky. It all looks so beautiful. I slowly walk along the beach in my bare feet, which makes me comfortable and happy. With my hands, I touch the sand and to draw my dream house, and it turns out wonderful.

The smell of salty air makes me feel alive. I can also swim at the beach, where the water is so warm that it feels better than relaxing in a tub at a spa. After swimming, I eat a delicious dish of seafood with vegetables, and it’s awesome.

I am so glad when I am at Phu Quoc Island that I feel I should go there with my family and friends more often. I think they would enjoy it, too because I love it there.
By Lien Thai Tran

Drawing of palm trees next to water with birds flying overhead
By Manami Kawai


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