I’ll Do My Best!

Hyekyung Jo and Nakhari Yoeum

Chloe Lee is my cousin. She is also my best friend. I admire her because she always focuses on her dream even in hard times. Chloe moved to Canada from Korea in 2004 when her parents got divorced. She was depressed, but she took control of her mind and moved on to pursue her dreams.

Her first goal was to learn English. In 2006, she went to high school. She only slept between four and five hours a day and studied hard. Since she is good at persuading and debating, she participated in the debate contest as a representative of the school. I want to learn her confidence. Finally, when she graduated in 2009, she had the highest GPA in her high school.

That same year, she got on academic scholarship to UBC (University of British Columbia). Her second goal was to graduate from university with good grades and work for a Korean company. She studied international business while at UBC. She graduated in 2013 and went back to Korea because Samsung wanted her to work with them.

She always did her best and was responsible. She was the youngest on her team, but she became its leader. Now, she is a team leader in the field of international business, working at Samsung.

She is younger than me, but she always sets a good example for me to follow.

I always want to do my best like her.
By Hyekyung Jo

Drawing of merging of US and Canada
By Nahkari Yoeum


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