How I Bought a Used Car

Lien Thai Tran and Daorunee Ky

Have you ever shopped for a vehicle before? I did last year when I bought a good used car. First, I thought about what type of car was necessary for me and researched different kinds of cars online. Next, I went to the auto dealership and asked them about the car. There were a lot of options, but I preferred to have a car that got good gas mileage. Also, I’d have rather had a big car than a small car because it is more practical plus I am also concerned about safety. Then I checked ads online to compare prices. After that, I spoke to my friend, Ty, who is a mechanic. He helped me find out what kind of car I needed. I eventually decided I’d rather buy a used hybrid. I used the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to check online to see if the car had ever been in an accident. Everything was good, so I finally bought the car. I am very happy because the car is working out just great so far. I love it so much.
By Lien Thai Tran

Drawing of ladder in cave with sky at the top
By Daorunee Ky


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