My Role Model

Sasmita Nanda and Michael Stocklin

There are some people who are born with a never-give-up attitude.  They set a goal and work hard to achieve it. I always like and respect such people. One of my cousins, Neha, is such a person. She is my role model.

She was very good at her studies and always wanted to be an engineer, but her family didn’t have money to pay for her college fees.  Therefore, she couldn’t go to an engineering college because of her financial conditions, so she enrolled into an evening college to learn computer and software engineering. She had to work in the mornings to earn money for her family while she studied at night.  After four years, she earned her engineering degree in computer science and became a software engineer in a very good company.

I admire her very much for her never-give-up attitude. I also want to work hard like her to achieve my goals.
By Sasmita Nanda

Drawing of person touching ball
By Michael Stocklin


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