Definition 1
Two groups once differing in interests and behaviors becoming similar.

Life Example:
China’s culture is quite different from America’s. After adopting my sister from 
China when she was two, she spoke minimal Mandarin and zero English. After living with our family for many years, she quickly learned our language, routine, and culture.

Photo of Thai statue and small girl looking up with arms spread wide

Photo Credit: Me, 2013

Definition 2
Two different groups that can come together and connect on a complex array of issues or topics and learn together.

Life example:
My grandma is Thai and comes from Thailand, she holds a lot of her older traditions and views that in the United States, would be seen as potentially unreasonable. But after getting to know her, she has drastically changed her views and expectations she has for me and the rest of her grandchildren. She used to want us all going into a medical field of some sort, but with most of us being on a more artistic path, she had to learn another way of thinking.