Definition 1
The family is the foundation of social construction, the harbor of spiritual rest, and the support for personal feelings. In the Chinese culture that advocates humanistic spirit and secular life, the family has high status as a place of diet and love. The ethics based on family relations has become a “model” for the Chinese people to rule the country in thousands of years of history. It can be said that family culture is the “root” of Chinese culture.

Family’s meaning to me:
Family is my life. There are people I love and people who love me. My efforts are to give them a better future. The family gives me warmth, give me motivation, and hope.
Family is like a harbor for me, and I am a sailing boat. No matter how far I drift, I will be going to back. Even thou the world is wonderful then after I have experienced, I will still return and return to my harbor.
Family is like an umbrella, no matter how big the wind is outside, my family always shelter me from the wind and rain

Definition 2
What is family? Family is considered one of the five social institutions that is the most basic and straightforward of all institutions. It is a group of people that are connected to each other by blood, adoption, and marriage. They are people who we all depend on in many aspects such as trust, security, development of individual, and a strong support in goods and bads in life. Family members are considered the most important individuals in a person’s life.

I am sure that everyone has their own meaning of family; however, they can share some common characteristics and thoughts on values, choices of education, jobs, house work, and even responsibilities and roles. I have lived in American family and Thai family that have quite unique perspectives their on how their child should grow up to be. Thai families tend to be little bit controlling when teaching their children. While American families tend to teach their kids the freedom to do things their wishes to do in life. I don’t think there is goods or bads in the way how Thais and Americans raises their kids. I was raised in both environment from my step dad ( American) and my mom (Thai); they may raise me differently, but there is no difference because I know that they both love and wish me would have the best of everything in life. I am sure every parent wishes the same for their children. My parents might not show their love through their words; however, I can tell by their actions and worries for me.

Definition 3
The Meaning of Family To Me
For me, family is a lot more than just a relative. It’s something that means the people around you who would accept me no matter the circumstance and there isn’t any judgment from them. The love in a family should be absolute and every person should do their best to give what they can for the people in their family, especially emotionally. Family are the people that make one feel secure and comfortable.

My Example
Family is important to me because I love all the people who care for me. I grew up in a conservative home and at times it was tough. I think the hard times are what bring people together and really show peoples true colors. I was not allowed to do things growing up that my other friends could which made me frustrated. I think having your kids live a suffocating childhood isn’t good because when they have been not allowed to do anything its eventually going to change and they are going to want to rebel. The meaning of family I typed above is what I think family should be like though not all of us are lucky to have that.


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