Conflict Perspective

Definition 1
The Conflict perspective is a point of view were society is not stable but, it is driven by social change. The social change is effected by multiple conflicts that co-exist in society. Society is driven by conflict, however, conflicts are not always negative since they promote social change.

I use the conflict perspective by protesting at rallies in an attempt to change local laws to accommodate with the needs of our Earth. There are so many things that humans are doing to destroy the earth. This is our planet and we should do all that we can to protect it and keep it healthy. A small protest can turn into a big conflict for the government. They should always consider the needs of nature along with their own needs. We need to co-exist with this planet.

Definition 2
Conflict perspective is the bumps in society as a struggle for power between groups engaging in conflict for limited resources.

Example in my life- Is me and my family rent another house we own to a family. And we set the amount of money they pay each month for rent and some rules.

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Definition 3
Everything is a competition for a finite amount of resources.

I’ve seen this in my own life applying to colleges for a specific number of spots


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