Sociology in the Workplace

Definition 1
Definition  of a workplace is something that’s going to be a part of your life for a long time, understanding your work environment, work on having ability and skills, observing, preparing people for a wide variety of careers.  We all go through dozens of jobs throughout our lives to support ourselves and our family. Sometimes we aren’t going to like certain jobs in our life but we all still push through it or some really enjoy their jobs and happy with their payments. We go to college for a reason to get very well education to have good careers in life, to have transferable skills for the jobs we want or something we are very good at in certain fields. I think sometimes it’s good to experience to work other jobs to see what you could enjoy doing and learn from what you don’t want to do & could be able to do.

Definition 2
Sociology in a workplace is where it will be part of your life forever and work towards your future career. You will learn the ability and skill required for your career. You will also learn to support yourself and or your family.

Example in my life – I work part-time at a craft store in my town and it doesn’t work towards my nursing career in the learning aspect. But it gives me real-world workforce experience.
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