Definition 1
Although littering is against the law it is a norm and common sense not to litter as it impact the nature and in turn us back.

Image of can in grass

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Definition 2
Littering is the act of throwing garbage on the ground. We see “no littering” signs around us, yet people still litter. Littering is illegal and ruins our environment. Not only does it affect us, but also our marine life. Trash is ending up in the water which tends to kill some animals because they get stuck in it or choke on it. I do think some people consider littering as something that violates our social norm. But I think that it’s become almost “normal” to litter because a lot of people do it maybe without thinking. Like even when people spit their gum on the ground… that’s littering. A lot of people do it so maybe it’s normalized now, but it’s still wrong.

Littering affects my life because it ruins the environment I’m in.

Photo of paper and wrappers left at base of tree


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