Stratification and Social Mobility

Stratification is the term we use to describe how society is divided into groups based off their class level. From poverty, to middle class, to the wealthy and upper elite. Which group a person falls into is largely based on money and power.

I would consider myself to be lower-middle class. I feel most impacted by stratification when it comes to my ability to change/improve my economic status. The ability to do so is called social mobility. I personally feel like it is much easier for the wealthy, upper class to remain wealthy, than it is for people like me, to experience upward mobility. I am a first generation college student, who comes from parents who worked hard, paid their bills on time, only to maintain their lower-middle class status. I do feel we inherit our status initially through our parents, but with great effort I do think that upward mobility is achievable. The idea being that the higher up we are on the ladder, the better quality of lives we will have and can offer our children after us.


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