Relative Poverty

The definition of poverty applies to people who are living with a low-income amount due to
job type or skills.Life EXP.

In my experience I wanted to be able to afford a new car for my family but, because I am only I 
part time employee and a full time student and I am the only one to bring in an income for my family I had to get a used car. I was told that the vehicle only had one pervious owner and had no issues besides a small bumper damage. This turned into a terrible mistake now after 2 years the motor is no longer working the transmission is going out as well and most of the internal functions have issues. So relative poverty I bought a used car and cant afford to buy a new car I had to barrow a car from my father who isn’t currently driving, because soon my car will not work at all until I can either get a new one or buy the parts and pay to get it fixed I have no car of my own.


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