Gender Roles

Definition 1
How the male and female are supposed to act along side the social norms and viewpoints of modern society.

My dad is very big on gender roles. I have a brother the same age as me and we are not allowed to do the same thing at all. my brother is allowed to go to girls house and they can come over and I’m not. he says it the fact girls can get pregnant and have to keep the baby and boys can get someone pregnant but doesn’t have to “take care of it.”

Definition 2
Gender roles in society are when we have expectations to act, speak, dress, and look a certain way because of our assigned sex.

As I child I was a lot of times forced to do sports and certain activities because of my gender. However, I wanted to use my time to do other things such as art and photography but no one in my family really understood and instead kept on making me do sports.


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