Definition 1
Socialization is a set of norms, values, ideologies, habits, beliefs, and behaviors that are taught to people from a young age to incorporate them into society. Even if they are apart of society for a long time there is always something new to learn so, socialization lasts a lifetime.

I have personally experience this in many different ways, from as simple as playing a new game to transferring from a public school to a private one. My middle school was a place of labels, are you the clown? Are you the smart kid? So, when I transfered from my public middle school to my private high school it was difficult to understand what was expected of me. I tried many things like becoming the class clown or inviting people to play card games during lunch but nothing stuck so, for a long time I had no friends. Thankfully my sister was there to help. She had two years of experience at attending this school. She showed me the ropes and invited me to hang out with her friends. This taught me a lot because I learned that the people at this school valued creativity and test scores. They wanted to either study for the next exam or play games like super fight where you need to be creative to win.

Definition 2
Socialization means to assimilate to the norms and expectations of a specific culture.

An example of socialization reflected in my life is that when I was a child, I had to socialize with kids at my school to know how to act, play, and behave in social settings.

Photo of school children at desks
Photo By Megan Soule
Image of school children
Photo by Andrzej Grzegorzewicz CC BY 2.0