Definition 1
Actions that are judgmental based on one’s age, race, religion, or gender.
Example: I view discrimination as being unfair or biased against someone. I’ve personally never been in a position of being discriminated before. Based on this photo, you could see that the “ideal” candidate is someone who should be tall, walking, and is a male. Other candidates who do not meet these criteria’s due to being a different gender or does not achieve the physical ability will not be the “ideal” candidate, although all of these individuals could possibly be the perfect fit candidate.
Definition 2
Discrimination is the state of treating a category of people differently based on their gender, race, or social economic status.

When I was growing up, my society showed favor on male gender in education. Females were considered as invaluable to the society. They believed that if you educate a female one will be wasting their money since they will be married. Also, they believe that male are the head of the family; therefore, it is their duty to get education so that they can support their family in their future. It was hard to be enrolled in a school if your are female.


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