Definition 1
Resocialization is the concept of adapting to a new social/cultural norms or values. It can be something significant to something small such as attending a different class to moving to a different country.  Resocialization can also be voluntary or involuntary where voluntary could be when someone becomes a parent or moves houses and involuntary could be when you go to jail or lose a loved one.

Resocialization occurs very often in my life especially as a college student as classes change every quarter and we have to adapt to different classmates and a different professor.

Definition 2
Being a new setting where you have to learn and adapt to different norms, beliefs, and attitudes other than you grew up with or that are part of your everyday culture.

Being adopted from a different country, or joining the military/ army.

Definition 3
Resocialization is the concept of needing to adapt to the ways culture of a new setting in one’s life. This often happens when moving to a new place or starting a new chapter in one’s life.

I had to go through resocialization when I moved to the United States from Finland. The hardest thing for me was to learn the way people talk to each other here – not the language, but the way people do small talk here. In Finland, people don’t go beyond saying hi unless they actually want to ask or tell you something or they’re a close friend of yours. In the beginning I didn’t really know what to say in these situations. Still today, I always find the other person to be the one to start the talk. Another new thing for me was how people smile at others for no reason. In Finland, smiling at strangers is seen as very weird.


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