Definition 1
A cultural system of faith and practices where human beings feel they belong and have a purpose.

My personal view on Religion.
Religion for me reflects the desire of human beings to be a part of a community or to make a statement about what they believe in. I think religion, at the end is about the choice and the freedom of choice of any religion is very important for me. I don’t believe in hate crimes against people who follow different religion. I am not a very religious person; I was born in a Hindu family and the way I choose to follow Hinduism is certainly different that the “accepted way.” I don’t believe in pressuring people to do something or constricting people to do something because a book written centuries ago said so. I believe that there is a supreme power because it is comforting to think that way, but I don’t support people blindly following a religious path.

Definition 2
Values are major and lasting ideas and beliefs about what is desirable and or undesirable. Some sources of values include religion, politics, and one’s family background. An example for me would be my religion which is Christian.

Definition 3
Religion is the system of faith or worshiping to something they believe in.

My family and I are Christian and go to church every Sunday to worship in what we believe in.


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