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Definition 2
From my own understanding that sociology is an instrument to help people to think about the best way to shape the society and find out which is the best society for people to live. Mainly, the sociology is talking about the interaction between the individuals, groups and the society, which provides three theoretical perspectives for people as instruments to analyzing, to shape, to improve the society around the world.  As a conclusion that sociology will provide  good solutions of finding balance between chaos and orders.

Personal reflection:
These three theoretical perspectives really help me to see the society as a full picture. I was only learning the conflict theory when I was in China which only made me thinking the society as two rivalry parts only. But the functionalism will remind me that every part in the society has a function for this society; more interesting that the symbolic interactionist theory is focusing more on individuals interactions in the society by symbol which gives me a new vision to see the society lively and friendly.


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