Definition 1
Language is a super important in our lives because is one way to communicate with other people and different cultures. Language is something that can identify, your culture and who you are or where you come from. There is a lot of languages for each culture we also have sign language that now in days is one of the most important languages.

My own experience with language: I moved here without knowing any English. It was hard to me to understand what people was trying to say to me and super hard to make new friends because I feel like something people get tired of trying to explain everything to you. When I was in class and the teacher said something funny and everyone is laughing about it, I just had to the same even if I did not knew what was happening.

Definition 2
language is a system of symbols used for communication. Some form of language exists in every culture. Some cultures may have a written language while others may only have a spoken language. Different languages often evolve in different cultures.

My experience of the importance of language was when I immigrated to the US from China when I was five years old. My only spoken language at the time was Mandarin, so it was difficult to communicate initially due to the language barrier. However, I picked up English fairly quickly since I was young. Now I know English better than Mandarin. I also learned classical Latin and Spanish for two years each which gave me some perspective of how different languages can have different structures to convey meaning.