My Neighborhood

Guizhi Li and Oscar Baechler

My neighborhood is important for me. I am concerned about school district and safety. Two years ago, my family moved to Seattle. Luckily, I chose Education Hill and bought a house for my daughter’s education. It is neither a place like on a reality TV, nor a place I dreamed of. However, my neighborhood is a lively community, I’m happy that I live in my neighborhood.

My neighbors have a lively group. For example, we have a chat group and share information. The neighbors got to know each other. On Halloween, every family decorated their houses with pumpkin lanterns, big spiders, or terrible ghosts. The neighbors with their kids walked around the neighborhood for trick-or-treat and say “Happy Halloween” to each other. The whole street was filled with joy.

There are also some things I don’t like about my neighborhood. What I dreamed was a place with a big flower garden and rural views to enjoy in front of me when getting up every morning. However, every house is so close that we have to draw the curtains every day. There is a small flower garden to enjoy the scenery.

As mentioned above, in the world, there isn’t a perfect neighborhood. Living in my neighborhood makes me comfortable. I can receive happiness from my neighbors. They are friendly and nice. My family was satisfied with my neighborhood.

By Guizhi Li

Drawing of car parked in front with house in background
By Oscar Baechler


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