The Person I Admire

Jianxin Zhou and Jaeun Tang

I admire my father. My father is very kind and optimistic. He taught me a lot of things in my childhood. His words and deeds impacted my life.

In 1947, my father was born into an ordinary family in rural China. It was a time of social unrest in China. My father always staves in his childhood that it affected his studies. He stopped his studies early. In order to make a living for his family, he began farming very early. In 1970, I was born. I am his second child. He worked harder for his family to make ends meet, and his wife was very laborious too. But he was very optimistic and magnanimous, so he concentrated on supporting the children’s studies. My brother and I could continue to study because my father and mother worked hard, and it didn’t affect our studies.

Now my father is retired. My brother and I have started our own families. My father’s optimism and magnanimousness has deeply affected my life. Whenever I encounter great difficulties in my life and career, I think of my father’s optimistic spirit in those difficult years. It makes me have firm faith, so as to overcome difficulties. This is my father’s great influence on me life.

For these reasons, my father is the person I admire most!

By Jianxin Xhou

Landscape with creatures crawling in lines and sunset at horizon
By Jaeun Tang


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