The Person I Admire

Nesrin Al Soufi and Marty Lodge

Our family plays a very important role in our life, and the father is the foundation of the family, so I consider myself lucky to have an amazing and great father. He has been a big support for me and my family. My father is the person who taught me to be patient in difficult situations, to respect my older sibling and relatives, to be kind to them, and to help needy people.  

First, my father was the biggest support in my life. I will never forget my shock when I knew that my son was autistic. My father told me life had beautiful and sad things at the same time, and we are making the happiness of life. He asked me to be patient and strong, and he called me a great mother. His life was full of challenges, too. He left his family in 1959, when he was 18. He traveled to Damascus because he wanted to study at a university of law. Upon completing his studying in 1964, he joined the higher judicial institute. At the same time, he was training in a lawyer’s office, and in 1969, he had a small law office. In 1971, he had a big law office. Now, ten years later, l am strong and have a big experience with dealing with my son.

Second, my father taught me a value lesson in life and asked me to love and listen to my older sibling and respect them. I remember the stories about how he helped other people especially relatives. He used to bring sum of money for needy before every celebration and gifts for children to make them happy. It was a nice habit.

Finally, I am proud of my father because he was the best in everything. He had a great support for me to be strong in ordeals of life. I am thankful for my father because he taught me to respect and love my family and others. I found the reactions of others towards me. My father, your words are shining my dark way even after you’ve gone away.

By Nesrin Al Soufi

Table with necktie and glass of wine
By Marty Lodge


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