The Person I Admire

Jiahui He and Aven Woodward

Many people have impacted me in my life. I think that it is important and helpful for me. I am grateful to everyone who positively influenced me. However, my mother is the person who had the greatest impact on me. She inspired me to be an optimistic and kind person.

First, my mother showed me the value of optimism. When she was 15 years old, her father died in a fire. Then my grandmother had to do several jobs in order to support the family. My mother was so sad when my grandmother felt so tired. So, she decided to drop out of school to work. At that time, she found a good job that allowed her to make good money and reduce the pressure on my grandmother. Her friends were studying at school and bought something they liked with carefree at that time. But my mother was not complaining about that and was glad to build a good life for her family. No matter how difficult life is, she is still passionate about life. Her spirits encourage me to be optimistic about facing the difficulties in my life.

Second, my mother inspired me to be a kind person. My mother is not only a good daughter but also a good mother. I think she is the best one in my heart. She always helps somebody in need. She teaches me helping others is also helping myself. When I am sometimes in need, the person who I helped maybe can help me.

In conclusion, as you can see my mother had a great impact on my personality because she showed me that it is important to be an optimistic and kind person. I admire her because of all her qualities.

By Jiahui He

Tree glowing in light
By Aven Woodward


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