My Neighborhood

Zhiping Li and Tyler Sisson

I do not like moving. It makes me sad. However, I moved a few times when I arrived to the U.S. I have always dreamed of settling down in one place and having my own house. One year ago, I decided to move to Kirkland with my aunt.

There are many things that I like and dislike about my neighborhood. However, for me, the advantages of my neighborhood clearly outweigh its disadvantages. There are many things I like about my neighborhood. For example, it is very convenient for shopping and transportation. Our apartment is near the freeway. So it is easy to go anywhere. And there are many supermarkets around us, and a plaza is near us, too. They have a beauty shop, market, restaurant, and clothing shops. It’s like a small mall. I always walk around there with my family. It makes many fun memories.

There are also some things I do not like about my neighborhood. For instance, it is a little noisy from the street. Sometimes I want to stay at home quietly, but there are many cars on the streets. I cannot meditate. And I wish there were more Chinese restaurant in Kirkland. I have to drive to Bellevue to have Asian food.

As you can see, my neighborhood is interesting. And it’s a little noisy, but I still love it because this is nothing compared to its advantages. I am pleased that we found an interesting environment around us in my neighborhood.

By Zhiping Li

By Tyler Sisson


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