The Person I Admire

Paloma Valdiviezo and Kimberly Nesta

In my life, I have the pleasure to know all kinds of interesting people, but just one of those people always believes in me. My mother Teresa is the person who inspired me every day because she taught me to work hard and follow my dreams. For this reason, my mother is the person that I admire.

After I was born my mother was a widow, so she always worked hard for my sister and me. She used to wake up at 5 am every day, and she went to work at the market 7 days a week. I thought that she worked so much. My mother was tired, but she didn’t stop. In 2002, she had two jobs because my sister went to a university. She worked in the market until 6 pm, and after that she worked in a small seafood restaurant until 11 pm. Then, a year later she was able to have her own business. My mother taught me that if I work hard I could do wherever I want, and I will get everything I want.

When I was a teenager, I saw my mother follow her dream. She always spoke about having her own business, and she was able to do it. In 2004, she got her own restaurant. Since 2014, my mother didn’t need to work anymore because that year I was a graduate of a university. Nevertheless, my mother has never stopped working.

To conclude, I’m glad that I have a good example of life. My mother inspired me to work by following my dreams, get stronger and overcome any adversity that came up in life

By Paloma Valdiviezo

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By Kimberly Nesta


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