The Person I Admire

Nina Nikolaeva and Oscar Baechler

Choosing one person who I admire is very difficult for me. But if I need to choose only one – it’s my husband. He is a role model for me and our relatives. He helps me achieve my goals and motivates me to work hard.

My husband inspires me to achieve my own goals. He grew up in a little town in Belarus. He was interested in coding when he was still a child. He even wrote his first programs on a cassette recorder. I can’t even imagine how he did it! After ninth grade, in 1999, he had left his home and went to study at a college in Minsk. After graduating from college, he moved to Saint-Petersburg and began to work as a software engineer. Now my husband works at the Microsoft company. It’s already a second international company where he has worked. And this job is not his goal yet. For many people, a job in the Microsoft company and moving to the USA is the biggest dream of their life. But not for my husband. He wants to leave this job and start his own software development company. His determination shows me that there is no need to be afraid to learn English, learn a new profession, and begin a new business.

He motivates me to work hard as well. My husband became successful only through hard work. He’s self-taught. He learned English by himself. He reads a lot of special documentation and watches training videos to improve his professional skills. To achieve success in the profession of a programmer, he needs to learn something new every time. It impacts me. I’m taking two courses now and learning every day, and even at night, because my husband shows me that I need to move ahead every time. He teaches me that only hard work helps to succeed.

My husband teaches me and our daughters to constantly learn something new. And he is a role model in how to learn independently and become successful. He never stops at his achievements, and this motivates me and helps me achieve my own goals.

By Nina Nikolaeva

Person standing on stairs with Micrsoft building in background
By Oscar Baechler


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