My Neighborhood

Karen Ramirez Perez and Christopher Karlis

This is my second time living in a neighborhood in the U.S.A. Before living in Redmond, we lived with a roommate in Williamsburg, Va. in a small apartment. When we decided to move here, we were excited to find an apartment or house only for us. We wanted a place that we could call home. Now we live in Vesta apartments, and I want to talk about the advantage and disadvantage in my neighborhood.

First, I want to say that the most important thing that I enjoy in my neighborhood is when I can see my son play with other kids because in our last neighborhood all people were university students. Also it is a peaceful place. We have a gym, two pools, sauna, basketball courts and three playgrounds. Near here we have Marymoor park. It’s a beautiful place where you can spend time with your family and your pets. It has an off leash dog park, and the dogs can swim, run and play.  We don’t have markets nearby, but you can drive for a few minutes.

Now, I want to describe some things I don’t like in my neighborhood. My neighbors all seem to know each other well but seem to be excluding me. Also, the parking spots are small, and it is very common for cars to be hit or scratched.

Finally, I think that my neighborhood is good. We have a lot of things to do. Maybe in a couple moths I can make a friend. We are gratefully to the life for having found this place, and we can see that our son is too happy.

By Karen Ramirez

Sideways orientation to building and sidewalk
By Christopher Karlis


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