My Neighborhood

Jianxin Zhou and Oscar Baechler

It’s important for us that we live in the best neighborhood. Since I moved here, I feel that my living environment has been greatly improved because my neighborhood is very beautiful and friendly. My neighborhood calls Aldarra. This community consists of dozens of households. It is an international community.

My neighborhood is very beautiful. It is very quiet, and has a lot of trees! For example, there are pear trees on both sides of the street here. In April every year, the pear flowers here are in full bloom. The whole community is decorated with white pear flowers. It’s very beautiful, just like a fairyland!

My neighborhood is inhabited by residents from different countries. We all often greet each other and help each other. For instance, the weather caused the blackout of the whole area. We were at a loss when we got home at night. While we were worried, suddenly a man came from the dark.“ Give you an emergency light” he said. Oh, it’s my neighbor Hamby. It was he who brought us the light.

My family members enjoy life in my neighborhood every day. We are very happy with my neighbors. Because the neighborhood is becoming our common home!

By Jianxin Zhou

Drawing of railroad tracks bending around corner to left in rural landscape
By Oscar Baechler


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