The Most Important Person in My Life

Shinara Ebrahim and Gabriel Rhoades

I’m so lucky to be a daughter of my wonderful father. Unfortunately, he’s no longer in this world. I lost him when I was 14. Even though my family and friends have influenced my life a lot, among all of those people, the most precious one is my loving father. His loving and caring nature towards everyone and kindness towards people in need made him my role model. 

Firstly, we had gone through a lot of difficulties in our lives. I grew up seeing his love and caring nature towards others and positive attitude through these difficulties. His only son and my only brother is mentally disabled. Although I always saw that pain in my father’s eyes, he never showed this in front of others. In my country, speciallyabled kids are treated badly by some relatives and neighbours. But my father took him everywhere like a normal kid, and also, I have seen extreme patience in him while he took care of my brother. Even if people treated him badly, he always gave love and care in return. I’m trying follow his steps. 

Next, he always showed kindness and helped people in need. I remember an incident that happened a few years back. At my hometown mosque, an event was going on, and someone on the stage was speaking about my father. That man was saying that my father helped his daughter to get married by giving gold to him, and he asked him to promise him not to let anyone else know about this while he’s alive. The man kept his promise, but he said that in front of a lot of people after his death. That was a proud moment for me. I still remember even one week after my father’s death, people came to my home, and they were crying. They told us that my father helped them during their difficult times. No one from our family knew about this. There is a quote in the Quran “The left hand shouldn’t know what the right is doing”. My dad did the same and I’m proud of him. I really want to be like him. 

In conclusion, my dad is my role model. He showed us what real love and care is. He taught me great lessons with his life. Also, he taught me how to help the poor without even letting others know about it. I miss him a lot.
By Shinara Ebrahim

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By Gabriel Rhoades


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