The Person I Admire

Natalia Kazakova and Travis Lemieux

I have met many interesting people in my life. They all influenced me, but I really admire my father. He died in 2008, but I remember him almost every day especially when I have any difficulties. He taught me to look at life positively and enjoy simple things.

My father was born in 1937 in Gorkiy. His childhood was during the Second World War and post-war years. His father died in the first months of this war, and his mother took him away to his grandmother’s village to hide from the bombing. My father, like all children at that time, was always hungry, so he learned to make slingshots and shoot hares and birds. He spent all time hunting or fishing and he was very proud of himself when he brought home fish or meat. My father taught himself to play the balalaika and harmonica and he always played at country parties. Then, when he became an adult and served in the army he was the best sniper and a lead singer.

Later my father became an engineer and worked until retirement at a car factory, but he knew all the names of plants in our nature and identified all birds by their voices. He loved to pick up mushrooms and enjoyed sunrises and sunsets, rain and snow, the simplest things in the world. His last words were that not much is needed for life. I became an automotive engineer like my father, I also had a good job and I also enjoy simple things like my father. On bad days I remember his last words, do simple things and feel better.

By Natalia Kazakova

Woman sitting in front of house
By Travis Lemieux


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