My Neighborhood

Nesrin Al Soufi

Living in a small city is not my favorite thing. However, a few years ago I lived in Spokane on a small and quiet street. I searched for a big city because I needed to have a good rate for Special education to help my son, so I found it. Lake Washington District in Redmond is the best for him. My family and I moved to it. There are many things I like and dislike about my neighborhood. However, the good qualities of my neighborhood surpass its bad qualities.

There are a lot of things I liked about my neighborhood. For example, where I live is the middle of the city. It is near shopping centers and close to my favorite store Ross Dress for Less, and the most important is Lake Washington School district is the best district in Seattle, and that is my goal. It is good for my son. Also, near my house, there are many golden hills and attractive trees containing fresh fruits. Houses of neighbors share a big, beautiful park that contains safety playground for children. I wake up every day and meet my neighbors. We talk about our children and their concerns.

There are also some things I disliked about my neighborhood. For instance, I have appointment for speech for my son at Seattle children’s hospital. I have to drive one hour every week, but there is bad traffic in the morning around my son’s school, and it takes half an hour to drive two miles, and the road will be the most congested in the city. I wish there were a bridge for traffic. Also, Arabic Groceries are very far. I should drive more than twenty miles to arrive to Lynnwood to get the things I need.

In conclusion, life in my neighborhood has its own advantages and disadvantages.  My neighborhood is far and has busy traffic, but the advantages are much better than negatives and that makes me happy. I love the place we all live together with neighbors as a large family.

By Nesrin Al Soufi

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