The Person I Admire

Hui-Chun Chuang and Raeven Douthett

I’m so lucky that I met many kind people who gave me a lot of help and always showed me the good way in the world. My friends are always around me and support me. With their love, I become a kind person and have enough bravery to face the future. However, my English teacher Anne is the person who had the greatest impact on me. Anne inspired me to be a confident mom and taught me to never give up on myself.

First, my English teacher Anne showed me the value of confidence. She was a public-school teacher in New York, but she quit her job when she had children. When both of her kids were big enough to go to school, she started to be a part-time ESL teacher in adult education. At that time, it was a good job that allowed her to keep her own career and take care of her family. Although her mom blamed her for giving up her job, Anne still believed that being with her kids in their childhood is the most important things. Anne never doubted her choice and tried to give her children the best company that she could give. I met Anne during the second year I lived in New York. She saw all the process of my pregnancy and having a baby. In that period time, she told me children were the reason that she gave up her job, but she also let me realize that I must be clear what is the most important thing in the moment. I wanted to be a confident mom just like her and give my kid the wonderful company.

Second, my teacher taught me to never give up on myself. After my was son born, I couldn’t go to school anymore. My husband was studying for PhD degree, and he had no time for our family. I had to be responsible to take care of my son. In that moment, my son was my whole world, and then I lost myself. I could remember that after my kid turned one year old, I sent a message to my teacher asking if she can come to teach me English, and she agreed. She started to be my tutor and we had a wonderful time. At that time, she told me that her older daughter is big enough, so it was time she could return to her career, and she had an opportunity to go back the public school to be a teacher. She spent 13 years for her family, but she never forgot what her deep desire is. Her story always encouraged me to face myself. As an immigrant, I can’t do anything for now, but I know someday I can have my own career. The only thing I can do is to be prepared, and never give up on myself.

In conclusion, as you see my English teacher had a great impact on my destiny. She showed me that it is important to be a confident mom and taught me to never give up on myself. Also, she taught me to always be prepared, and let me know that it is possible to have my own career after my kid grows up. I’m forever thankful for having such a great teacher as her.

By Hui-Chun Chuang

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